Friday, October 16, 2009

Sony VAIO Series X: Slim, Lightweight, and Elegant

Thin, small, and lightweight. That is the virtue of Sony VAIO notebooks this X series. With a thickness of 13.9 mm and 11-inch wide screen, the laptop is starting a new business concept Sony, which now uses the new tag line: make.believe (dot make believe).

X Series is the latest series of mobile PC manufacturers from Japan made it this year. As in the two previous series, VAIO VAIO U and P, Sony made this brand-new series for users who need mobility and elegant design in a portable device. Compared to its competitors thin laptops, laptop with a choice of four colors is the most lightweight portable computer, weighing just 655 grams.

Connectivity includes built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connector. To adapt to other digital devices made by Sony, this laptop also includes a memory card reader slot Memory Stick Duo, in addition to a memory card reader as standard SD types of laptops today.

Having been made for the purposes of mobile, laptop berprosesor Intel Atom Z540 uses a battery technology lasting power. Two models in this series each have a duration of battery life with 3.5 hours and 7.5 hours. Optional battery is available that can boost endurance to 16 hours.

In addition to launching a series of X, Sony also introduced three models of CW series with 14-inch screen. Computer compact with colorful designs (black, white, pink, and red) has the advantage of technical specifications that can support the needs of high-level gaming. Intel Centrino Core Duo T6600 GHz 2:20 and 2:53 GHz P8700 in it together with a graphics card NVIDIA Ge Force G210M and G230M.

Bundled with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit computers with wide cross-section similar to this legal-sized paper offers 4 GB of memory and SATA hard disk drives from 250 GB capacity. This series, and also the series of X, equipped with multimedia applications Media Gallery is easily accessible via shortcut keys on the keyboard.

For a while, all these series are not yet available in the market country. Sony just started to market starting October 30, 2009. Series X dibanderol with 1299 prices and 1399 U.S. dollars U.S. dollars, while the CW series labeled with prices starting at U.S. $ 899 U.S. dollars till 1299
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

PSP GO, More Compact with Big Memory

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) continue to innovate in the PlayStation products made. This time the Play Station Portable (PSP) PSP comes with a Go model is more compact than its predecessor.

More compact because of the physical aspect, the design is made with the PSP Go sliding model. Navigation panel appears as part of the screen is not shifted as the standard PSP elongated shape with the right navigation bar on the left of the screen.

So small, this go PSP fits in your pocket. Size 128x16, 5x69 millimeters. It weighs 158 grams. However, any screen size smaller than its predecessor because it is only 3.8 inches. Standard 4.3-inch PSP.

Although more compact design, GO PSP has a larger memory. UMD drive no longer in use were replaced by flash memory 16 GB. Capacity was sufficient to save a lot of gaming applications.

Moreover, these game consoles are equipped with WiFi to access the PlayStation Store service that provides a variety of download games via the Internet. PSP Go is available in two colors Piano Black and Pearl White with a price of USD 3.599 million.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Intel's Moblin OS 2.1 Can be Downloaded Now

SAN FRANCISCO - Intel announced operating system (OS) that they have developed a Linux-based, that is Moblin 2.1, can now be downloaded for netbook users.

Moblin 2.1 is intended to be a preview of material to the developers in order to bring the user interface to a variety of improvements, in accordance with the Linux Foundation, which is the manager of the OS developers.

Intel's Moblin 2.1 announced attendance at Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, United States, as an upgrade from Moblin 2.0. Through this latest version, Intel hopes the OS were developed and encouraged not only as an OS for netbooks, but also for desktop and handheld devices based on Atom processor.

"Moblin version 2.1 will be in addition to the development of Moblin 2.0 by adding several new features," explained one official Imad Sousou Intel, through its official blog, PC World cited Saturday (26.9.2009).

"To the beginning of this OS is intended only for the netbook, but a version for handheld devices such as mobile Internet devices will soon adjust to the availability and release of the platform on their hardware," he continued.

Moblin 2.1 is the new applications offered by the so-called Moblin Garage and Moblin Application Installer which allows users to download, install, or remove software.

Applications in this OS can increase support 3G mobile broadband data in order to enhance capabilities, and Bluetooth support also provides a better way. This OS also has better language support and the Linux kernel is updated.

Moblin 2.1 also includes support for the platform Pine Trail, which is an Intel platform for a netbook in the future. Pine Trail to integrate graphics processors in the Atom CPU. Netbooks based on Pine Trail will likely appear early next year.

For the developer preview version is usually released to identify and remove bugs. This release is also used to make the release programmers to build software around the OS. Availability of Moblin 2.1 on a wider scale planned attendance at the fourth quarter.

For information, Moblin OS development is aimed at Intel's netbook. Some PC vendors are interested in using this open system OS, of which including Acer Aspire One, Asus Eee PC, and Dell Mini. Earlier this week, Intel officials said that the company has been working with hardware companies to add hardware compatibility for OS.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

First Open Source Camera in the World

Two researchers in the field of photography from Stanford University recently discovered the first camera in the open source world.

Andrew Adams and Marc Levoy, student and professor in computer science at Stanford created the first camera that can be programmed to allow a camera no longer limited by the software vendor, comes from a particular camera.

The camera was named Frankencamera, adopt the Linux operating system so that the programmer can create algorithms to process images differently, or even better than those made by Canon or Nikon cameras, for example.

"The purpose of this project is to build a camera platform open source," said March Levoy, quoted from the Stanford University website.

The camera itself is an open source module consists of the Nokia N95 camera phone, electronic circuit board (circuit board), a pair of lenses from Canon. Nicknamed Frankencamera, because its design which still looks bad, because it still uses the camera body unused.

Virtually, all the features of the camera, good focus, exposure, lens speed, the flash, everything is controlled by software that can be programmed by the owner of the camera. Not only that, open source platform also allows users of this dSLR camera to a complete customization options.

Frankencamera can do tuning technique High Dynamic Range (HDR) or a technique that combines the image of an object from the condition of the brightest light, down to the darkest. At the same time, they also make a video camera can capture high resolution video recording.

With a particular algorithm, the camera that only has the ability. berkecapatan video recording 30 frames per second (fps), will be combined with the camera shots still images periodically, into the frame the video recording.

Like a computer, this camera can also be connected to the Internet. Andrew aspires to, future programs specifically designed to be accessed ii camera and used by many people, like people accessing applications on the iPhone App Store.

In one year, two researchers hoped they could introduce this platform with minimum cost to all people, at an affordable price.

Levoy donors expect to produce in large numbers, with prices less than U.S. $ 1000 or approximately USD 10 million.
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